Sunday, January 5, 2014

A look at what has gone by!

This year was the first year since the beginning of this blog where I didn't write very much.  I blame it on becoming a teacher and having every minute taken with the job.  Today though I did want to share what a great year 2013 was because it was a very significant year for me.  So let's start with January!

Ashton (my dear friend) and I at the Idaho Falls temple!
January: At the very first of the month I went and saw my dear friend and her family.  It was the very best experience.  I loved every minute of my trip to Idaho.  I actually went on a second date with someone and got my heart broken for the first time.  I started student teaching which I loved and hated on a daily basis.  I was in a car accident which involved me hitting black ice, circling around 4 lanes of freeway traffic, not hitting anything by the time I stopped, and then being hit.  It was my first ticket, ever!

February: I found out I was someones hero.  Saydee Bowen called me her hero and wrote about me for a class assignment.  It touched me very deeply and the two of us have become quite close.  I got to babysit her and her wonderful siblings for Valentines day.  It was the best way I could have spent my Valentines!

Ryan and I the day we graduated
March: Another month of substitute teaching went by.  And by the end of the month I was into a permanent subbing job for an art teacher.  I flew to my second cousins wedding and had a blast with lots of my family.  Not only did I get to see extended family but I also got to spend time with Todd and Deedra who made the trip to Utah to see us all.  We had a great time together.  I turned 26, had a birthday lunch with my cousins, and Eloise got me a cake!

April: After 172 credit hours, two majors and a minor, six apartments, 23 roommates, too many late nights and early morning to count, tons of new friends, and just as many new opportunities, I graduated from Brigham Young University! It was a very exciting day not only for me but also for my brother Ryan.  We graduated on the same day.  It took awhile to accomplish this goal but I did it and it was well worth it.  

May: On the 15th of this month I learned I was going to be a kindergarten teacher.  To say I was ecstatic is an understatement.  I got a job with Jordan School District teaching Kindergarten at Elk Meadows Elementary.  I finished up my permanent sub job and started working at a Day Care in Lehi.  

Me and some of my favorite students from MAT Camp
June: Michele and John came to Wyoming for the summer!  I spent every single weekend with them except for the ones where they went to New York.  It was a very full summer full of concerts, Leatherbys, traveling, playing with Anna, and just hanging out with the Hustedt's. 

July: This month brought another year of MAT Camp!  It is still my favorite summer activity.  I taught Duct Tape Art, Recycled Crafts, Beading, Science, Copy Cat Art, and Let's Get Messy.  I dressed up like Little Red Riding Hood and danced with the cutest wolf for the Talent Show.  I was voted as the second favorite teacher at camp and bested by a Broadway Star. 

August: Moving into both house and classroom took up the majority of this month.  I started my teaching contract and got to meet my cute students.  I had 23 students in the morning class and 26 students in the afternoon.  I went to tons of meetings and put in many hours at school.  I also moved to Draper to be closer to my school!

September: I started teaching my awesome students.  We celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day and really got to know each other.  I wore a smile almost everyday even when it was a bad day.  I went to a lot more meetings and worked hard to be the best teacher I could be.  I got asked interesting questions like "Is my skin blonde?"  

October: The first weekend of the month was my mission reunion and even though the reunion wasn't what I thought it would be, seeing one of my favorite companions was a definite highlight of my year.  Sister Walton spent the weekend with me and we had so much fun!  We talked, cried, and laughed together.  I dressed up as an owl for Halloween and spent the evening with Brian and Eloise's cute children.  

November: Thanksgiving meant a break from school which I needed.  I put in about 10 hours a day and so I was happy to sleep in for a few days.  I got to have a sleep over with Heidi's girls which made us all very happy.  I had Thanksgiving dinner with the Holman family and it was one of the best Thanksgivings I have ever had. 

Hunter on Christmas Day making a Gingerbread house
December: I felt like this was a month that would never end, not that I wanted it to.  I got spoiled by my wonderful students who were very kind to me.  I spent time with my family.  Todd and Deedra were here for two weeks before they moved to Germany.  I got to see a live nativity.  I helped celebrate my mom's birthday.  I made 50 owl ornaments for my students, threw my first Polar Express Party, and helped my students perform for their parents.  I survived having all 50 students in my room at one time.  My favorite gift this year was a picture my mom had framed for me.

Of course this is just a summery of what happened this year.  My life is a good and happy one.  And one I am so glad I am living.  Here is to 2014 and all the memories that will be made. 

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